Global Cross Border Network by Premium Foods, Inc.


Head Office: Torrance, CA

Cross-border Management Group: From the World to Japan

A new challenge for the online global cross-border business will begin in 2021.

Premium Foods has developed Cross-border Management Group (CMG) to deliver high-quality products from around the world directly to customers in Japan. We collaborate with popular wellness, nutrition, and fitness brands to create new marketing strategies via sales platforms and social media in the Japanese market.

CMG is currently developing social media promotions and a new platform for international sports nutrition. We are also developing new branding strategies that utilizes online brand ambassadors and influencers as the base for sales marketing.

We aim to be a specialty group that enhances user engagement by making full use of visual content planning and development for sales marketing and the latest technology for products that have not been released in Japan.

Yamato Transport USA: Compton, CA
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IT Satellite Office: Sapporo, Japan
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Satellite Office: Tokyo, Japan
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Satellite Office: Redondo Beach, CA

Premium Foods at a Glance
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$60 Million
in Annual Sales

2 Million
Orders Anually



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Our Story

1986Open our first natural foods store in Beverly Hills, California.
1991Start new product development in collaboration with a US manufacturer.
Started taking mail-orders for US customers.
1992Launch a consulting service business for Japanese firms.
1994Begin mail-orders for customers in Japan.
1996Open second store in Torrance, California.
Initiate product development for a cosmetics industry by licensed US patent.
1999Begin development of organic barley grass powder drink and export of finished products.
2000Begin offering online shopping sites for Japanese market.
First e-commerce store, Natural Harmony, opens on Rakuten Online Marketplace.
2002Speed Body store opens on Rakuten Online Marketplace.
2005Start development of product data base and original liquid supplements.
2006Announce our original brand, Premium Foods Series.
2007Establish component / ingredient development business in collaboration with a known cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills.
2011Introduce QUICK system for our international shipments.
2013Invest for share in a business, Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles.
2014Begin planning and development of new Premium Foods brand lineup, formula, and design.
All new Premium Foods brand products on sale.
2015Start selling products worldwide.
2018Expand to 12 cross-border direct sales shops.
No. 1 in cross-border sales of American health foods in Japan.
2019Incorporate new logistics equipment and system development for US warehouse.
2020Achieve more than 2 million shipments anually to Japan.
Launch Cross border sharing business and new logistics system for Japan.