Celebrating over 30 years of delivering quality goods to millions of customers


Premium Foods makes it easy for you to join in on the fast-growing market of e-commerce in Japan. Trends and long-time sellers play a large part in buying-trends, so Japanese people may be weary to try an unfamiliar product. With our office in Japan, we keep up with what is popular and adjust our marketing to suit our customers' wants.



We handle everything from ordering, housing, and delivering shipments to creating product pages on our shops. We provide our partners on the inside scoop on the Japanese e-commerce market.


Our team creates and executes promotions for products in order to ensure brand growth in the market. We are sure to create Japanese-user friendly webpages and follow the latest trends in buying patterns.

Customer Service

Premium Foods has an office in Sapporo, Japan, where we handle all our customers' needs in Japanese and resolve any inquiries. We also translate all needed materials in order to provide peace of mind while shopping goods from overseas.

Personal Import
("kojin yunyu")

We ship orders through personal import avoiding high customs fees to provide the lowest costs for our customers. Items are stored at our California warehouse and then shipped to a customer's doorstep.


Yamato Logistics warehouse in Compton, CA

Premium Foods works exclusively with the largest certified carrier in Japan, Yamato Logistics. Our one stop package solution includes all the logistics management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods as well as the warehouse management system that you can rely on receiving, picking, putaway, inventory control, packing, shipping and deliveries of your products to consignees in the fastest possible manner.

We handle over 1 million orders per year at our 100,000 ft^2 warehouse in Compton, California. Our TSA-approved, FDA-licensed warehouse is provided with a high-quality storage management process that ensures the safety of all materials and inventory.

IT Consulting

Our anaylitics team uses the SEO analysis in order to create optimized results. We look at our competitors in order to determine current and future trends. With increased smartphone usage in Japan, we focus on creating website for both desktop and mobile platforms.

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