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All Premium Foods brand products are manufactured in the US at GMP certified facilities. We have contracts with major US natural foods manufacturers where our products are produced using their production lines and under their strict quality standards. Our products are all natural and non-GMO with the ingredients clearly displayed on the bottle for customers.

Furthermore, we only select products that are categorized as foods, elimnating any products which fall under drugs categories per regulations set by the local government policies. Any products that may violate Japan customs and import regulations are dropped from our merchandise lineups. This will ensure our customers peace of mind while purchasing products from us outside of Japan.


Green Pak

For over 12 years, Green Pak has been a favorite choice for multivitamins on our shops. Premium Foods works with a local facility in order to create this blend of 75 different nutrients. We designed the nutrional balance with Japanese consumers in mind, and the response has been fantastic, ranking in at the top spot for multivitamins on Rakuten Ichiba.


We currently run 11 shops on the most popular online malls in Japan. These shops are tailored for different audiences so there is something for everyone.

We are always updating our shops, so be sure to check us out!

Protein USA

Created with Premium Food's 30+ years of experience in the supplement market, Protein USA focuses on exactly what its name implies: quality protein supplements shipped directly from the United States. With customized catagories and layout designs, Protein USA aims to be a one-stop shop for all of our customers' body buidling and workout needs. We create detailed product pages and graphics to ensure that customers have all they need to make informed choices about which products are right for them and their goals.

Speed Body

Since 2002, Speed Body has been providing wellness and nutritional supplements through online malls in Japan. With a focus on improving daily health and fitness, Speed Body has become one of the leading shops in the direct import of supplements from the United States.

Premium Foods unveiled its first independent shop, Speed Body in 2017 expanding beyond e-commerce malls. We're taking the experience we have gained to create a more simplified and direct user experience.

Natural Harmony

Our first online shop, opened in 2000, Natural Harmony specializes in health supplements and natural products for consumers who care about the quality of goods they consume. Natural Harmony also focuses on beauty and maternity goods, delivering well-known American brands to our customers.

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