Add your products to CMG's online shops with over 100M page views annually for American health products on the three biggest online marketplaces in Japan.


The importance of working with a local EC Partner

  • Get the inside scoop on consumer trends
  • Localized customer service and established logistics
  • A wide selection of products to increase potential traffic

We support a wide variety of operations

  • Order Processing

    Order Processing

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

  • Packing & Shipping

    Packing & Shipping

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

  • Content Design

    Content Design

  • Email Blasts

    Email Blasts

  • Promotional Strategies

    Promotional Strategies

Increase Brand Visibility through Synergy Placement

Don’t miss customers sight.

Japanese consumers are more attracted to online storefronts with a wider variety of products and brands. By working with CMG, your products will be added to our extensive product line up and be introduced to our continuously growing customer base. You won't need to build your sales foundation from zero!

Our Unique Marketing Development

On our 12 online shops, we create more advanced sales promotions and branding activities by utilizing the latest information with our unique data science system.
  • CMG: 2 Stores

    Amazon.co.jp launched in 2000 as a Japanese language portal for the popular marketplace Amazon.com. The platform has experienced increasing growth and popularity in recent years. In terms of sales, it is Amazon's 4th most popular site, after the US, Germany, and the UK respectively.

  • CMG: 4 Stores

    Established in 1997, Rakuten Ichiba has become the largest and most popular online marketplaces in Japan. It has over 91 million users in Japan alone and uses a unique point program system in order to encourage usage of their multitude of services.

  • CMG: 4 Stores

    Yahoo! Japan is a subsidary of the popular phone service company, Softbank, and has been a long time favorite for online shopping in Japan. Many people in Japan utilize the Yahoo! search engine so Yahoo! Shopping has been able to succeed with its advantageous keyword searches.



    CMG: 1 Store

    CMG unveiled its first independent shop, SPEED BODY® in 2017 expanding beyond e-commerce malls. We're using the experience we have gained to create a more simplified and direct user experience.

    au PAY Market (SPEED BODY®)

    au PAY Market

    CMG: 1 Store

    One of the newest platforms in Japan, au PAY Market is quickly growing in popularity with its easy payment methods.

CMG is your partner that makes your brand successful in Japan.

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